Tona (Root Accelarator)

Product Name :- Tona (Root Accelarator)

Tona (Root Accelarator) is a complete plant food in the form of amino acid-based nutrients, fortified with essential trace elements.

Why are they important to plants?

Plants assimilate nitrogen in Tona (Root Accelarator) form. Tona (Root Accelarator) are moved around plants attached to amino acids such as Glutamic and Aspartic acid. Amino acids are also the building blocks of plant proteins and regulators of essential plant functions such as photosynthesis, respiration and ultimately crop yield. Plants survive and thrive because of the way amino acids are created, transformed and mobilized in plants.

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Tona and nutrition

In most cases conventional fertilizers must be converted into a form that can be assimilated by plants. Microbial communities in the soil and enzymes in plants must use energy to do this. This conversion is inefficient and losses occur. The nutrients in Aminog however, have already been converted so they are mobilized in the plant immediately with minimal energy loss. Hidden nutritional problems or disorders arising from a lack of micro-nutrients, can have serious yield limiting implications. Micro-nutrients help plants regulate against stress arising from changes in growing conditions. The ability of plants to cope with and recover from stress is the key to producing more uniform, high-yielding crops. Aminog provides all the essential nutrients needed by plants for optimum growth and development under stressful conditions.

Tona and glyphosate residues

It is now known that when glyphosate is used around trees, it can be taken up by tree roots and bio-accumulate in plant tissue. Sub-lethal glyphosate residues can starve plants of micro-nutrients, causing serious physiological conditions such as bark cracking and susceptablity to disease. The use of Aminog on crops where glyphosate has been used frequently or continues to be used, will offer some reversal of crop damage and decline in yield associated with this condition. It has also been suggested that Aminog makes an excellent tank mix with glyphosate and other knock down herbicides as it may hasten dead plant material to dissipate.

Other benefits of Tona

Pollination and fruit-set

Successful pollination and fruit set can be a challenge in some seasons. Tona acids such as Glutamic acid, Tyrosine and Proline have been linked with successful pollen germination and pollen tube development. These amino acids are present in Tona. Growers have also observed that Aminog attracts pollinators including flies, which can add another level of pollination success.

CHITIN – pest and diseases

The crustacean wastes used in Tona contain a protein called chitin. Chitin is a major protein found in insect exoskeletons and fungal cell walls. It is understood that plants have evolved to identify chitin invasion and respond with the production of an enzyme called chitinase. Chitinase production can be likened to an internal acid attack that dissolves any invading chitin proteins. It has been suggested that the foliar application of Tona may trigger chitinase enzyme production in plants. If true, Tona could be applied as a preventative measure to reduce the incidence and severity of pest and disease attack.

Soil application

Tona should be applied or injected into an irrigation system towards the end of watering.

Annual Crops – Apply to bedding soil before planting @ 40L/acer with Synertrol Horti Oil @ 1L/acer. Good results can be achieved when applied with pre-emergent or other non-selective herbicides prior to ground preparation. Tona will help speed up the breakdown of trash and weeds.

Perennial Crops – Apply at 40L/acer just prior to budswell, fruit set and vegetative flushing. Soil application rates can be halved when combined with Acadian SSE or Stimplex


Tona can be mixed with most horticultural sprays due to its acidity. The performance of some however may be affected by the suspended solids in Tona, so that they become either non effective or phytotoxic. Always check pesticide labels for compatibility with foliar fertilizers, or test the mixture on a small area before widespread application.


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