Guru (Plant & Soil Disinfectant)

Product Name :- Guru (Plant & Soil Disinfectant)

Guru (Plant & Soil Disinfectant) is a colorless, sharp-smelling chemical that looks a bit like water. It is commonly used in the household, for example as a disinfectant and in cleaning products. It is rare to see pure hydrogen peroxide as it is most commonly used as a watered-down solution. It comes mixed with water which is typically six percent hydrogen peroxide and the rest ordinary water. You may have heard of it as hair bleach and peroxide is what is used by hairdressers to get a bright blonde hair color. It is used for medical problems like disinfecting small cuts or wounds and even treating boils or acne. It has a myriad of uses in household cleaning and it can even be used to kill mites and remove algae and scum from your home aquarium.


It is a very similar chemical composition to water and if it was in a sealed bottle you may even mistake it for water. And its effect on plants is actually quite positive.


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HOW TO USE Guru (Plant & Soil Disinfectant)

Using Guru for gardening is pretty simple, but getting the mixture right is key. You want to soak your plants, around the roots, and get rid of fungus, spores, and built-up mold. A general rule of thumb is to mix about one cup of Guru solution with 32 cups of water and head out into the garden in the evening. Pour the solution into your pots or flowerbeds and leave it to soak overnight. Make sure you concentrate on the roots of your plant and avoid spraying the solution onto flowers or leaves.

You can also use a stronger solution to help seeds. One ounce of it as a solution in two cups of water will give you a great solution for seeds.


Good soil aeration is really important for any garden plants. Giving your soil enough space for air and nutrients to get through to the roots of your plants is the best way to see your plants flourish. If your soil is too compact, oxygen and nutrients won’t get through and your plants could die. A good way to see if your soil is too compact is to look at the roots of plants you have growing currently. If you pull out a plant and the roots look all squished together and tangled up then it means the soil doesn’t have enough aeration and your plant is struggling. You will also see more toxins and disease in your soil if it is poorly aerated.

Root rot is another problem that can crop up if your soil is too compact. Typically seen in plants that have been overwatered, it is the most common cause of decay around roots of plants and shrubs. Known as Phytophthora root rot, it doesn’t just affect plants in containers as bedding plants and bulbs can also suffer from this. The difficult thing with root rot is that it can sit for years in your soil even if it hasn’t had any plants put in. It is difficult to treat because of this and is exacerbated when the ground is waterlogged or very compact. The most common time gardeners will see root rot is in potato and tomato gardens.

The signs you have root rot in a plant can be difficult to spot as it doesn’t appear above ground until it has well and truly taken over your plant. You will see yellow leaves and some branches dying off completely. If you dig around the roots of the plant you will see the roots are not formed well enough. The good news is it can be treated with Guru. So, if you discover root rot or believe your soil is badly aerated, here is what you can do. It can and will kill off bacteria and fungus.

  • Use a weak solution (around 3%) and mix it roughly one part chemical to two parts water.
  • Carefully pour it around the roots and the base of your plant to kill off the bacteria.

Guru also helps aerate your soil which should help to prevent future cases of root rot. When it is absorbed into the soil, Guru breaks down and releases oxygen. These high oxygen levels will make sure your roots are healthy and strong. A healthy root system should be long and untangled with fuzzy white growth on the main root which is used for soaking up water and nutrients.


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