Super (Heat & cold Resistance)

Product Name :- Super (Heat & cold Resistance)

Super (Heat & cold Resistance) supports a healthy root system and crops under stress which is vital for longer term production and profitability. Improved root growth allows plants to absorb nutrients like P and Ca.

Super (Heat & cold Resistance) is a high quality kelp which is a source of natural nutrients including trace elements, amino acids, and growth promoting substances.

  • Stimulates root growth
  • Improves tolerance to heat & cold
  • Mixes easily with fertiliser
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The benefits of Super (Heat & cold Resistance) include:

  • Increased root growth
  • Plants are better able to withstand environmental stresses (drought, frost, heat)
  • Increased chlorophyll production
  • Improved plant defence system
  • Increased nutritional value of feed crops
  • Improved flower retention and fruit set
  • Enhanced seed germination

We recommend using Super to help your crop through stress events

1) Kelp improves root growth – stronger plants

Multiple studies show Kelp improves root growth making plants more resilient to stress events.

How – Kelp components such as macro- and micro- elemental nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, cytokinins, auxins, betaines, alginates, sterols and abscisic acid affect cellular metabolism in plants that lead to enhanced growth and yield. These extracts are bioactive at low concentrations.

2) Kelp improves heat tolerance

Kelp effectively reduces plant shutdown times and stimulates root growth to repair damaged roots. Can be used to provide protection during periods of heat stress; effect will last for 2-3 weeks.

How – Betaines in Kelp increase chlorophyll content and consequently photosynthesis; cytokinins induce heat tolerance; multiple components increase potassium uptake, improve root growth & increase turgidity of cell walls so water less likely to flow out of cells; and antioxidants in Kelp help plants in temperature extremes.

3) Kelp improves frost tolerance

Australian Growers have been using Super extensively to improve frost tolerance. The first application, via foliar spray, should be made at least 36 hours before the expected frost; repeat every 10-14 days during susceptible period. Super 5L/ha; in 1,000L water.

How – Kelp lowers the temperature at which cells will freeze because Kelp is a highly effective brix builder. Plants with higher sugar content have a lower freezing point.

Cytokinins & Betaines increase turgidity of cell walls ie water less likely to flow out of cells. Acts as “anti-freeze” – research suggests seaweed has digests that trigger the hardening off response plants have in winter.


Super is compatible with most pesticides and fertilisers. Always mix a small quantity (jar test) and check for physical compatibility before combining with other ingredients.

Super does not heighten the phyto-toxic effects that occur from some pesticides, including copper fungicides. It is compatible with liquid fertilisers like calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate when diluted for irrigation or foliar spray.


Use all mixture in spray and irrigation tanks; purge tanks and lines with clean water; flush irrigation lines. Do not return mix to original drums. Store in original container away from direct sunlight.


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