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Our innovative solutions are created to increase quality and quantity of crops. Plants with better roots, growing with greater vigour, able to thrive even harsh growing conditions; plants that are more productive, producing fruit that matures more quickly and is tastier for consumers.
These successes are attested by numerous agronomic tests and a vast amount of data collected from all four corners of the planet.

All achieved using natural active substances, fully respecting the environment and human health.

We also have Government approved 'O' Form for all requirement of India.

Soil & Water PH & Nutrient Balance

In the natural environment, soil pH has an enormous influence on soil biogeochemical processes. Soil pH is, therefore, described as the “master soil variable” that influences myriads of soil biological, chemical, and physical properties and processes that affect plant growth and biomass yield. This paper discusses how soil pH affects processes that are interlinked with the biological, geological, and chemical aspects of the soil environment as well as how these processes, through anthropogenic interventions, induce changes in soil pH.

Product Formulation Training

The increasing popularity of, and consumer demand for, plant-based foods has created a whole new set of challenges for product developers. Whether creating plant-based foods that eat like their animal protein counterparts or developing great tasting standalone plant-based products, the obstacles can be significant.

Formulating with plant proteins requires a juggling act when it comes to balancing the functionality, sensory impact, nutrition profile, regulatory status and cost impact of the various ingredients. Two main challenges unique to plant proteins include perfecting functional and sensory attributes.

Job Work / White Lables Manufacturing

You have the know-how, the technology, the patent or the method of manufacturing, but not the resources to start making and selling your product right away? Or are you simply looking for more command of your product as well as its customization? Is in-house manufacturing too expensive? Finding the perfect white label manufacturer might be a fortune saving option for you. Synonymously used terms are contract manufacturing, white labeling manufacturer or private labeling – all meaning the same – a company hiring a manufacturer to make a product with the company’ sown branding either through contract or on terms of the agreement between the two parties.

Exporters Of Organic Plant Growth & Plant Protection Products

Farmcares is India’s leading Agri Digital Platform transforming the agriculture value chain from pre-harvest to post-harvest leveraging science, data and technology. It is impacting millions of farmers across the country by providing accessibility of extensive range of high quality inputs, end to end crop guidance and market linkages for various commodities, thus offering 360 degree solution to farmers with a very unique approach.

Special Manufacturing

We are specially manufacture Phosphorous Acid with different purity.

What is the use of phosphoric acid in plants?
Phosphoric Acid is a multi-function agent, used for plant nutrition, pH adjustment and cleansing irrigation equipment (notably dripper lines) from lime precipitation. It is an RICH source of phosphorus for plants. it is suitable for greenhouse crops, open field crops and fruit trees.

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