Rowdy (Larvicide)


Controls Larva, Worms & Caterpillars, loopers on Fruits, Vegetables, Ornamentals & Shade Trees, cotton, chilli, rice

Larvicide is a biotechnologically developed herbal product that provides effective protection against wide range of insect pests such leaf eating caterpillars, fruit and shoot borer, aphids, jassids, thrips etc.

Best Suits for Fruits and Vegetables

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Foliar spray:

175 ml or Rowdy formulation in 100-200(Max 600 ltrs) lit of water. The spray volume depends on the crop canopy. Filter the solution with muslin cloth before spray on the target pest. Spray should be done during evening hours on both sides of the leaves. Farm 82, Silicon Spreader is suggest to us along with Rowdy. Rowdy bottle should be Shake well before use. Apply thoroughly to top and bottom of foliage. If rain, Reapply after heavy rains.

Best organic Larvicide for Worms, Caterpillars, Loopers, Stem Borer, Shoot Borer

Safety Precautions
 – Keep out of children reach and avoid skin and eye contact. Store in cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct heat. Avoid spraying during hot sun. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

– Compatible with other agro chemicals and fertilizers.

 – Since the use of product is beyond our control, manufacturer do not assume any responsibility other than the uniform quality of the product.


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