Doctor-G (Fungicide)


Doctor -G is the new innovative produce of the “Farmcares”. It is a 100% virgin Bio rational fungicide. It is100% effective on bacterial and viral fungus of farms. It is a chemical-free, problem-solving options for any grower seeking increase sustainability and reduced input costs. By using this products, the company guarantee you to pass the organic test of your crop, and it is eligible to stand in export market.

We are manufacturer of organic fungicide which has curative and therapeutic effect on fungal infection of crops. like ROOT ROT, BLACK ROT, WILT. It is useful against fungal diseases like LEAF SPOT, DOWNY MILDEW, POWDERY MILDEW, EARLY AND LATE BLIGHT.

Soil Application:

  • Use Fungicide 350 ml / Aked as a soil application.
    Treat Seedbed with Fungicide
    Use by Drenching in ROOT ROT and WILT. with plenty of water. 200-600 ltrs per Aked.

    Doze: Minimum 175 ml and maximum 350 ml /1 aked.
    How to use: Take 200 or 600 Lltrs of water and pour entire Doctor-G. Now use this water as drip, drenching or spray in farm. Use sufficient water, so it is reach to whole plants and its roots. For better result use only silicon spreader in very low doze. Do: 1 Always apply after 4 pm, so your crop get maximum protection. Do: 2 Repeat doze after 5-10 day for better results. 2: Don’t: Don’t use any chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticide along with Doctor G 3: Don’t: Don’t apply chemical pesticide 4-5 days prior to or after apply of Doctor G.

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Bacterial fungus Virus, and Wilt control.

It increase 20-25% yield. It control Spot
Blotch in wheat, Sheath blight in rice Wilt in vegetables and fruits. like tomato/chickpea, sorghum etc.. it controls Fungus and nematodes of underground crops. Like groundnuts, onion, Potato, Carot etc..

Protect crops from a number of soils borne and seed borne plant pathogens. It gives protection against Root knot and nematodes. It helps to Increases seed germination and growth of plant.


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