Universal Insecticide

Product Name:- Bio Kavach ( Wilt Control)

It is a universal Botanical formulated to provide broad spectrum insect control with very low environmental impact. NON-TOXIC to honeybees and many other beneficial insects. NPOP Listed for use in organic production.

A popular botanical insecticide/ miticide with multiple modes of action, Bio Kavach acts as an antifeedant, insect growth regulator and as a repellent and oviposition deterrent.

Antifeedant: Insects will feed less or not at all on treated plant tissue. Foliage is NOT damaged and insects ultimately starve to death.

Insect Growth Regulator (IGR): Insects will fail to mature and reproduce, eliminating populations over time, or keeping populations at acceptable levels.

Anti-Ovipositor & Repellent: The likelihood of insect infestation is greatly decreased in treated plants. This also adds a preventive aspect to your control program.

Category: Product ID: 2251


Application Method: Soil application in the root zone during 25, 40 and 55 days after sowing or prior to showing seeds. Apply at 2 kg/Acer mix with 250 kg dried farmyard manure treated with Farmcares SENAPATI or Doctor -G and apply. It can be mixed with vermi compost or sand also. This can be apply at any stage of plant. This will help to reduce the attack of fungus, wilt and other soil born diseases.

Composition: Pesticide mix plant extract of fruits: 38% w/w, Leaf Extract Guava: 12% w/w, Natural Adjuvant Aretha: 1% w/w, Silicon : 1% w/w, Slow release Q S: 48% w/w , 100% organic Doze: 2 kgs for 1 Acer, use 3 time in a one year Target crop: All crops & fruit plants transplantation, Nursery Plantation Application Best suits for, Chili, Vegetables, Sugarcane, Potato, Ground Nut, all under ground crops.

Bio Kavach does NOT provide the quick “knock-down” of a contact poison. However, 7 days after treatment, pest/fungus/wilt control is comparable to the standards. The end result, disease population control is obtained. If used as a preventive treatment throughout the season, prior to pest infestation, the goal of protecting plants, ornamental flowers and shrubs and trees will be accomplished.


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