Ant Control

Product Name:- Ant Control

Containing iron phosphate and spinosad as the active ingredients, Ant Control is an effective bait for use against ants and other insects like earwigs, sow-bugs and cutworms. SAFE for use around the home (outside only), vegetables, lawns, gardens and greenhouses (non-commercial).

• For outdoor use around residential areas
• Pelleted for easy application
• Can be used on vegetable, fruit and berry crops, ornamentals and turf
• Approved for use in organic gardening
• Works on slugs and snails too!

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Scatter evenly over the soil around or near areas to be protected. Apply 1 lb per 2,000 square feet, or 1 tsp per square yard. Reapply after heavy rains or watering. Do NOT apply within 3 days of harvest.


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