Biophos (Organic Phosphorous)

Product Name :- Biophos (Organic Phosphorous)

Biophos (Organic Phosphorous) which break free insoluble reserves of locked up phosphorus in agricultural soils.
All soils with a history of applied fertilisers contain large amounts of insoluble phosphate, due to the dynamics of the phosphate ion. Biophos (Organic Phosphorous) is designed to solubilise those frozen reserves, utilising specialist Azotobacter species in conjunction with a phosphate liberator – Bacillus subtilis.


Category: Product ID: 1907



  • FCO Registered
  • Promote root growth.
  • Increase yield and quality.
  • Faster release of rock phosphate.
  • Increase brix levels.
  • Full-season phosphate promotion.
  • No withholding period.


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