Tandav (Thrips/Mites)

a clear discoloration of the leaf with black dots. Light brown spots on leaves, which may curl. the leaves may entirely dry up. Wrinkled leaves with distinctive brown scarring along the leaf veins, flower buds, and the calyx or outer casing of fruit. Mosaic patches on plants, Chilli thrips cause this sucking up the liquid from plant cells; mainly from the leaves, but also the petals, shoots and fruits. 70-80 % loss on yield due to thrips attack on different crops. like, chilli, Tea, Berries, Vegetables etc.. as well as fruits .

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“TANDAV” is the wonderful produce of the “Farmcares”. It is a 100% effective Bio rational thrips control. and 100% effective on Thrips sucking pest. “Tandav” is a chemical-free, problem-solving options for any grower seeking increased sustainability and reduced input costs. By using this products, the company assure you to pass the organic test of your crop, and it is eligible to stand in export market.

Doze: Mini 175 ml, max 350 ml /1 Acer How to use: Take 200 or 600 Lltrs of water and pour entire “Tandav”. Now use this water to foliar spray. Use sufficient water so it is reach to whole plants and its roots. For better cover use only original silicon spreader in very low doze. Do: 1 Always apply after 4 pm, so your crop get maximum protection. Do: 2 Repeat doze after 7-10 day for better results. 2: Don’t: Don’t use any chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticide along with “TANDAV” 3: Don’t: Don’t apply chemical pesticide 4-5 days prior to or after apply of “TANDAV”.

Inspect plants regularly for evidence of thrips to enable early detection and minimise impact by the pest. A repeatedly application of Tandav will control thrips and increase 25% Yield with proper nutrition supplied to crop.


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