Phosphoric Acid 85%

Phosphoric Acid 85%


Background: Low phosphorus (P) availability to wheat from commercial fertilizers is one of the reasons for lower grain yield and hence justifies search for more efficient P source under alkaline calcareous soils.

Results: Phosphoric acid (PA) and diammonium phosphate (DAP), applied through conventional and modified methods, were assessed for P supply and wheat yield in a calcareous soil. Under laboratory conditions, pre-incubated soil with 70 mg P kg-1 soil as PA and DAP was assessed for solution P (Cp ) for 4 weeks. Phosphorus sorption data were fitted using the Freundlich model for describing analyzed sorption in soil incubated with or without DAP and PA. The fitted model equations exhibited comparatively higher effluxes of P from the solution system in control treatment.

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Results:  Compared to DAP, lower quantities (19.6%) of P for PA-treated soil were required for producing optimum P concentration in soil solution, i.e. 0.2 mg P L-1 . The greenhouse study involved 32 P tracer technique to quantify the proportion of applied P derived by wheat from fertilizer or soil. The results showed that P derived from fertilizer was highest (47.5%) in PA placement, while the lowest (31.5%) was in DAP broadcast treatment. The field study also showed similar trends to that of the greenhouse study. The PA placement treatment resulted in highest (23.4%) phosphorus use efficiency, whereas the lowest one (17.1%) was recorded for DAP broadcast treatment.

Conclusion: PA proved to be a better P source than DAP for improving P content and achieving higher yield and recovery of applied P by wheat grown in alkaline calcareous soils. © 2016 Society of Chemical Industry.

Keywords: 32P isotope; Freundlich model; P uptake; diammonium phosphate; phosphoric acid.

Phosphoric Acid 85% is a multi-function agent, used for plant nutrition, pH adjustment and cleansing irrigation equipment (notably dripper lines) from lime precipitates. Haifa P is an efficient source of phosphorus for plants, providing 610 grams of readily available P2O5 per 1000g of the product. Haifa P is suitable for Nutrigation™ of greenhouse crops, open field crops and fruit trees.


  • Highly-concentrated phosphoric fertilizer
  • Consists of 100% plant nutrients
  • Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants
  • Free of insoluble matter
  • Ideal for the production of nutrient solutions
  • Product Analysis
    H3PO4 85%
    P2O5 61%
    Heavy metals <10ppm
    Organic matter 40 ppm
    Insoluble matter <23 ppm
    pH (0.1% solution) 2.3

    Physical Data
    Appearance Colorless viscous liquid
    Freezing Point 21°C
    Density (at 25°C) 1.685 g/ml
    E.C. (0.1 % solution) 2.2 mS/cm
    Bulk Density 1.68 kg/l


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