EDTA Cupper

Product Name :- EDTA Cu

EDTA Cu as 100% soluble micro-granule to prevent and Correct copper deficiency

  • Maximum Chelation % and quality of the Copper micronutrient with the EDTA chelating agent is ensured through the technology, chemical reaction and the synthesis process at our production plant located in Ávila, Spain
  • High efficiency at low dose rates
  • Single element chelates allows for precise nutrient adjustment and dosage independent of other nutrients
  • 100% soluble with total and instantaneous solubility due to the high quality wettable micro-granule (WG) formulation
  • Easy and convenient handling without the formation of lumps or sediments, keeping tanks clean
  • Tradecorp Cu prevents and corrects Copper deficiency in all crops
  • Tradecorp Cu is suitable for use on in soils with pH 4 – 9, foliar application hydroponic crops, fertigation and substrate preparations
  • Compatible with most commonly used fertilizers and agrochemicals


Category: Product ID: 1931



  • 100% rapdily and instantansously soluble micro-granule
  • Advanced drying and micro-crystline technology from the global detergent industry
  • A microscopic air bubble is entrapped at the centre of each micro-granule
  • On contact with water the difference in pressure between the liquid outside and trapped air bubble inside causes the micro-crystline to rupture
  • Rapid solubilisation of the dry micro-crystline occurs
  • A fine effervencence can be observed as the released micro air bubbles float to the surface
  • Tradecorp Quality & Efficiency in action


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