Ant protect

Product Name:- Ant Protect

Dual action sterilizes the queen & kills workers that contact it. Ant protect uses a naturally occurring soil fungus — Abamectin — to completely eliminate problem colonies. The product is very attractive to workers who distribute it throughout the mound and eventually to the queen. Destroys the entire colony and prevents queen egg production. Not for use in crop areas.

• Will reduce and eventually eliminate the entire mound
• Unique carrier is very attractive to the target pest
• Shake directly from the container or apply with a hand spreader
• Active ingredient has been shown to halt queen egg production
• Labeled for use in and around homes and commercial buildings

Category: Product ID: 2253


Apply Ant protect after dew or rainfall has dried off for maximum effectiveness. For best results, do not apply if rainfall is anticipated within 4-6 hours after application.

Broadcast Application: Apply as evenly as possible to turf, lawns and non-crop areas at a rate of 1 lb per acre (0.4 oz per 1000 square feet).

Individual Mounds: Use 5 to 7 Tbsp per mound. Apply as evenly as possible over the mound and for a distance of approximately 2-feet out from the base.


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