Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid)

Product Name:- Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid)

General Information:

Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid) is produced by reacting Super-Phosphoric Acid and anhydrous ammonia to produce Ammonium Poly-Phosphate Solution that is clear, 100% water-soluble, with a pH of 6.0, 10% N and 34% P2O5. Materials of Construction-Storage & Transfer Equipment:

  1. Tank and vessels: Amonium Poly Phosphate can be stored in mild steel non-pressure vessels.
  1. Pumps, piping etc.: Use only pumps recommended for use with liquid fertilizers. Piping, valves and fittings may be mild steel. Galvanized pipe and brass fittings should be avoided.
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  1. Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid) is a non-pressure solution that is well adapted to a wide range of application practices: direct application in pre-plant plow-down programs; injecting or banding in the soil; or applied through irrigation systems; also a source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus nutrient for waste water treatment.
  1. Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid) is a compatible source of Phosphorus and Nitrogen used as a base solution when making complete mixes.
  1. Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid) is frequently used as a starter fertilizer application (an ideal N:P2O5 ratio for many crops).
  1. Stable under normal ambient conditions of temperature and pressure.

NOTE: Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid) is not compatible with Aqua or Anhydrous Ammonia.


  1. 100% water soluble Phosphate–the form most efficiently utilized by plants.
  1. Long lasting non-leachable Nitrogen–the Nitrogen is in the Ammonium form, which resists leaching and provides Nitrogen to the plant over a longer period of time.
  1. Low volatility–form of Nitrogen and Phosphorus that resists volatility.
  1. Nitrogen and Phosphorus combination improves nutrient intake–ammoniacal form of Nitrogen combined with Phosphorus helps the plants to utilize the Phosphorus more efficiently.
  1. Helps uptake of micronutrients–it contains Polyphosphates which sequester micronutrients in solution, making them more available for plant uptake.
  1. Easy to handle–no bags to lift, break or dispose of. Pumps or gravity do the work.


Ammonium Phosphate Sc (Liquid) : moderate eye and skin irritation; not generally considered toxic; non-flammable; non-D.O.T. regulated. No placards required.


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